5 Reasons Galvalume Metal Roofs Are Becoming More Popular Among Homeowners

Metal Roofs were originally designed to provide long lasting protection for commercial buildings. However, the benefits of metal roofing, along with its aesthetic appearance quickly made it a desired alternative to asphalt shingles. Here are five reasons why homeowners are switching to Galvalume Standing Seam Metal Roofs.



1) Longevity – While the traditional composition shingle roofs can be designed and installed with long lasting warranties, they still don’t compare to the natural impact and penetration resistance that metal provides. Galvalume Standing Seam Metal Roofs can last a lifetime.

2) Energy Savings – When most people think of saving energy they might imagine turning the lights off at night and reducing AC function during the day when they’re out of the house. However, so much of the energy used to cool our homes results from heat radiating into our living space from the attic. For this reason, the galvalume standing seam metal roof has you covered! Literally! Along with providing a highly reflective surface that redirects the suns energy, the heat that is absorbed by the metal can be dissipated by the natural radiant barrier created by the long lasting underside of the product that is so crucial in a hot climate like Texas. This keeps your attic considerably cooler and saves energy from day one after installation.


3) Long Term Cost Savings – Galvalume standing seam metal in an industry standard with a class 4 impact resistance rating. This means that when hail season comes around you have the highest possible level of protection for your home that can be offered in a roofing product. Moreover, the strength of a standing seam metal roof means fewer, if any, re-roofs ever need to be done.

4) Insurance Savings – Because of the class 4 Impact Resistance of Galvalume, insurance companies like to give discounts to homeowners with this product.  Moreover, the class A fire rating that this product provides can also grant additional insurance discounts.

5) Environmentally Conscious – Everyone benefits from the resources that our planet has to offer. So why not help Earth help us? The average composition asphalt shingles can create runoff or debris during heavy rain or storm which then ends up in our water. Galvalume standing seam metal roofing panels are not particle based so there is nothing that can run off under the same conditions. Moreover, unused or replaced panels are easily recycled and remade into new metal.

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