The Best Alternative To Slate, Shake & Spanish Tile Roofing

brava-roofing-tileFinding the best materials for your home is never easy. Hours of research and comparing prices
often leave homeowners feeling frustrated and confused. Fortunately, choosing the best roof for
your home is now one less problem to solve. Synthetic roofing solutions are the newest trend in
homeowner markets, and with good reason. Found with companies like Brava Roof Tile, these
natural roof alternatives are making it easy to install a roof that has all the same curb appeal as
slate, shake, and Spanish tile roofing while ultimately being a much more sound investment. If
you’re looking to install a roof you can feel good about, read on for four reasons that composite
roof tile should make it on your list.


While slate tile and shake roofs will easily fall apart after a bad storm, with composite roofing
homeowners can rest worry-free. These roofing systems are proven to endure wind, water, and
fire damage better than their alternatives and are backed by a 50-year warranty to prove it.
Synthetic roofing won’t fly off in high winds or cause extensive leaks the way natural materials
do. They also don’t require nearly as many routine-repairs as slate and Spanish tile roofs, which
often necessitate routine repair work that becomes expensive quickly. With synthetic roofing, you
can install it once and forget about it.


What many homeowners don’t realize when choosing the tile roof of their dreams is the added
expense of reinforcement requirements that come with installing such a heavy roof system.
Builders often require extra structural support and hands to successfully install heavy slate or
Spanish tile roofs— and these additional steps can easily push a homeowner into the red. With
composite tile roofing, you can rest assured all will go according to plan as these lightweight
solutions require zero extra construction prior to installation.

Low Cost

New homeowners also rarely account for the costs they will incur during the lifetime of
homeownership. Sure the build may seem expensive, but maintenance is really what ends up
costing the most. With long-lasting solutions like synthetic roofing, homeowners can relax knowing that it’s one expense they won’t recur. Over the course of a lifetime, choosing solutions
like composite roofing saves homeowners a lot of time and aggravation.


A final reason to consider synthetic over natural alternatives is the ways in which this building
solution is good for the environment. Unlike natural materials which lead to the over-exposure of
quarries and other resources, synthetic roofing is made from 100% recycled material. Because it
can be installed once and left for 50+ years, it also reduces the amount of waste so inherent in
building with cheaper materials. When choosing composite roof tiles, you can feel good about
buying a roof that will stand the test of time, cut out any maintenance work later on, and
ultimately be a more responsible choice for the environment. In short— it’s a decision you can
feel really good about.

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