All The Benefits Of Tile Without Crushing Your House

Roofing is usually not one of the things that a homeowner might get excited about. Most often it’s the kitchen, living room, back yard, or the swimming pool that can sell a person on a new home, or that they’re most excited about redecorating and making their own.

But a roof over your head is the most important. Think of the three basic needs that all people need. Food, water, and shelter. You can’t have shelter without a solid roof over your head. So, might as well treat it with the same enthusiasm as that new game room, or kitchen.

You don’t need to break the bank or the structure of your house to get the elegant look of tile, with all the color options, dimensional aesthetics, and energy savings that can be found in the Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof.
tile roof

That’s right. This isn’t actually a tile roof.

But it has all the benefits of tile and then some, without risking the flat shingle or drawn on shadows look.


  • radiant barrier that keeps home cool and saves energy
  • more affordable than tile
  • doesn’t have the immense weight as tile
  • 3D shape adds aesthetic value to home
  • many color options
  • valley and ridge options
  • manufacturer and install warranty to match that of tile


  • It’s not on your home yet!

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