Flat Roof Problems & Solutions Every Owner Should Know

Flat Roofing Issues and Solutions in AustinA lot of people are new to owning a flat roof, so they don’t yet know about the common problems associated with this roof type. Many problems can be prevented with a little foreknowledge about what to expect from a flat roof.

The best advice that our Austin roofing contractors could give you about flat roofs is to have regular inspections. Flat roof specialists like ours will be able to spot the first signs of trouble and know what needs to be done to repair them. Of course, there will always come a time when the flat roof needs to be resurfaced, so always carefully consider the professional advice you receive or you may continue to pay for repairs that don’t last. Inspections are the best way to prevent the following flat roof problems.

Drainage Problems

Flat roof membrane is deteriorating – Pooling water is a common issue for flat roofs. Water ponds easily when a flat roof has drainage problems. This causes the membrane to break down. The membrane weals the roof from moisture, so leaks soon form when the material breaks down. If you don’t currently see water ponding in certain areas, look for patches of lighter or darker color as well as lower spots on the roof. This will be the surface area where water commonly pools.

Edge of the flat roof is damaged – Water drainage problems can also cause the edge of the roof to deteriorate. This also causes roof leaks that can also damage the home or commercial building.

A flat roof specialist will need to check the drainage system on the flat roof for problems. Not all flat roofs are the same, so the repair will depend on the structure of the roof and how much damage exists. To avoid drainage problems, get a professional roof inspection done at least every couple of years and soon after you suspect problems.

Cracked Or Splitting Membrane

Over time, weather exposure causes the membrane on a flat roof to crack or split, resembling the skin of an alligator. This can be prevented by applying a coating system which forms a watertight seal over the entire roof. If it’s already happening, the membrane will need to be replaced.

Flat Roof Blistering

Heat and sun can cause blistering on a flat roof. The blisters may be large or small, but either way, they can cause leaks and cracks in the membrane. A professional will need to assess the problem to see if repairs can be made or if the roof surface needs to be completely replaced. The roofer will also check the holes for moisture penetration and patch those leaks.

Moss, Algae & Plants Growing On A Flat Roof

Plant life is detrimental to a flat roof, just as it is when it grows on a pitched roof. Eventually, the roof will be damaged by the growth of vegetation. The best method to keep moss, algae, and lichens off the roof is to hire a roof cleaning service that uses a low-pressure algae treatment. The cleaning solution will kill the microorganisms and deter the growth for some months into the future. Clean the roof regularly to prevent early deterioration. Pull up any plant that has started growing on the roof. This problem happens as birds drop seeds or the wind blows them onto the roof.

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