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Start with Standards Save a Fortune by Gary Whillock Austin Roofing Contractors







What a beautiful style country home setting in the Rob Roy area of Austin Texas. It has become common place to tear into nearly new homes to help stop leaking, what a shame. Above was a poor attempt to stop the leaking into this wonderful home. Caulking is never a good substitute for proper roofing and flashing techniques. In this case, the original contractor, stone masons and roofers did not work as a team to assure this house would be leak free.


As the crew begins to take the roof apart it seems like a common occurrence, this is by no means the first project like this for ARC this year. Sense the rains began nearly two years ago, we’ve been on many projects like this and looked at many more that we simply didn’t have time to help with.



















As you can see, backing up to fix what should be built right the first time is no easy job. In the photo to the right, the rock masons are removing the stone. This is after the roofing crew removed enough panels to allow for this large set of scaffolding. I’m sure the home-owners of this type of project would rather spend the tens of thousands of dollars on something more enjoyable than fixing a problem left by previous crews.


Now the stone goes back up but this time with the proper flashing and Tyvek house wrap and most importantly, properly installed. So how can you be sure these steps are being taken when you hire a general contractor, a remodeling contractor or even just a roofing contractor? Ask simple questions, what are the steps and what standards are you going to use and one more, who assures this quality for my project?





















Another great way is to ask for photos. If someone is the responsible person, whether it’s the supervisor or lead-man, they can surely take a picture to verify what’s happening before it gets covered. To the right you see the roofing technicians back to install the metal roof once again. This time there is a sub-flashing for the masonry and a counter flashing for the roof panels. This was provided by the roof team for the masonry team and supervised by the lead-roof technician.


This issue was apparent on both sides, front and back of the main section of the house. It was a lot of work to stop a water leak. Here you see the stone back in place, the roof on again and just a little work to go to complete the project.





















There are many things that have to be done that is often not discussed like the removal and re-installation of the gutters as you can see in the photo to the right and the re-installation of the downspouts in the picture below. Choosing a contractor is never easy and my best recommendation is to “not be sold”. Get to know the contractors you choose before hiring them.


If you have concerns about who you are hiring for a particular project and want to know what to ask to be sure you get a project that doesn’t come back to haunt you, feel free to contact me at for more input about your project. May your next project be a successful one!


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