The New Standard in Metal Roofing

This is the Berridge Kynar Double-Locking Standing Seam metal roof.  What makes this metal roof different and better than other metal roofs today, other than it’s fancy name?  For starters, let your eyes tell you why it’s the best.  It looks amazing!   Very rarely, it seems, do artisans emerge from among the quick-fix handymen and put together something that adds value and beauty to a home.  This is exactly what Austin Roofing Contractors has done and will continue to do on every metal roof we install.


Not only does this roof fit beautifully into the rustic Central Texas Landscape, giving this home an inspiring sense of charm and luxury, but it is also completely waterproof. Compare this style of craftsmanship to the more common snap-into-place standing seam.


Upon quick inspection you’ll notice that the double-locking standing seam just fits together better.  It’s watertight joint is also vastly more aesthetically pleasing than that of its snap on counter-part.  But don’t let it’s endless benefits to the consumer halt you from looking further.  Besides a reliable and picturesque product, Berridge  metal roofing is also an innovator in the environmentally sustainable.  Take a look at their commitment to being “green”.   “Green” Sustainable Metal Roofing.  Berridge Metal Roofs are highly reflective, highly emissive, and second to none in the Solar Reflectivity Index, which accounts for the amount of sunlight being reflected as well as amount of heat it rejects.  Moreover, Berridge Metal Roofing products are comprised of mostly recycled materials and are completely recyclable at the end of their long life.



This is a closer look at an end cap of the 24 gauge Kynar500 resin coated metal.


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