Dormer Vents – An Effective Tradition

Dormer Vents can be built to any size and shape.

Dormer Vents

 Above: These are traditional shaped vents of galvanized steel. This allows for ease of soldering to make them water-tight. The owner chose not to paint but have natural metal. Other options for dormer vents could be Kynar Coated Steel, Copper, one of my favorites and Paint Grip Steel. Paint Grip, Copper and Galvanized Steel can be soldered, the best choices for lasting results.

Dormer Vents

Above: You get an idea how dramatic the outflow of hot air can be. These dormer vents were installed at the time of re-roofing during August when the temperatures were well over 100 degrees.


Dormer Vents

Above: The Edge Vent was used on the full perimeter and four large dormer vents were installed lowering the attic temperature of this home dramatically.


Have Mrs. Bennett tell us why she chose the Dormer Vents in this video, take a look!

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