Venting Your Roof

This product is manufactured by Air Vent Inc. and is called The Edge. For attics that need more air-flow from around the bottom, (the eaves) and have little or no soffit, this could be your best answer.


Gary Whillock Austin Roofing Contractors explains the simple task of adding venting while you have your roof replaced.


Above: This home has The Edge Vent around the full perimeter. If you look closely you can see just a little rise in the second shingle. It’s hardly noticed and is so uniform that it does not take away from the roof line appearance.




Above: In this picture you can see a crewman holding a section of The Edge Vent in place. Notice it is installed over a cut-out in the decking that allows the air to go from outside to beneath the decking and into the attic space. Also notice there is a drip edge flashing already in place before The Edge Vent is installed. Once this roof was completed, new gutters were installed throughout which slide beneath the drip edge to prevent water from getting behind the gutters.


Above: Here can now see The Edge Vent extending over the drip edge flashing creating a drip-line away from the drip edge with an insect protection grid throughout. Now the only consideration is how to let the rising hot air out of the roof. Some roof are right for ridge vents, some people choose turbines or air hawks. On this roof the owner chose to go with large classic dormer style vents.

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