Roofing Installation & Repair

Austin Roofing Contractors provides a variety of roofing installation and repair services to the greater Austin, TX metropolitan area. If you need roofing services in Austin, please give us a call today! (512) 491-9050

Services Offered in Austin

We provide the following services:

  • Ruiz, 11200 Narive Texan Trail, 112010 045Roofing Repairs – Using the state of the art equipment, our storm damage restoration contractors can quickly and efficiently return any property back to normal.
  • Flashing Repairs – Flashing is integral to keeping the seams of your roofing system properly sealed, preventing moisture from working its way underneath your roof.
  • Insurance NegotiationWhen you have severe storm damage, insurance negotiations can be very difficult. We have storm damage specialists available who are dedicated to handling the entire insurance process for you. Often, inspectors and claims adjusters from the insurance companies have limited knowledge about roofing repair or restoration, which is why our specialist will be on hand to explain the nature of the heavy damages to the claims adjuster in a manner that will help them fully understand the extent of the damage, ensuring you get a proper claim. When you have severe damages, insurance companies may try their best to deny your claim. Our goal is to ensure your heavily damaged roof can be repaired with minimal out-of-pocket cost to you.
  • Skylights – Skylights can add tremendous value to your home, though they must be installed properly. Old flashing or improper installation can leave skylights susceptible to leaks. Skylights diffuse and transmit light more evenly than a traditional window, and are so efficient they can even light a room up to 20 times its size!
  • Solar Tubes – Modern and efficient lighting for your living space. Tubular skylights can even offer ample light in the early morning and late afternoon.
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Gutters – Our gutters are custom-fit on the job site for and strung with precision, offering your windows and foundation the protection they need from water.
  • Metal Roofing – Save up to 40% on cooling bills in the summer! Standing-seam metal roofing can reduce the air temperatures in an urban environment by up to 12°F. Homes with metal roofing systems enjoy between 1 and 6% higher resale value, and many insurance companies offer discounts for metal roofing systems!
  • Composition Shingles
  • Tile Roofing
  • Slate Roofing
  • Flat Roofing – Flat roofing is common on commercial properties, and there are a variety of roofing materials available, including built-up roofs, modified bitumen roofs, or EPDM rubber roofs.

If you’re interested in any of these roofing services in Austin, please give us a call today. We at Austin Roofing Contractors would be honored to help install or repair your roof so you can stay safe and comfortable year-round. (512) 491-9050