Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs in Austin

Repairing your chimney may not seem like something you need to immediately address; a small cosmetic crack here or a little chip there, but the smallest discrepancies in your chimney’s structural integrity could be an indicator of larger problems with your foundation. If the cold season is about to start, our chimney will be seeing more use than at any time of the year, and taking care of small repairs as they occur will save money in the long run.

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Chimney Maintenance

Chimney Repairs in Austin

Houses are typically built around the fireplace, with the foundation and the chimney directly connected. A small shift in the foundation could cause a crack in the chimney, which is why assessing all chimney damages thoroughly is important for maintaining the health of your home.


On a cold day, nothing can be more inviting than a warm fire in your own home. That cozy fireplace, however, happens to be one of the most potentially dangerous places in your home. The chimney serves to draw smoke and hot gasses up and out of your home. Smoke contains poisonous gasses, such as carbon monoxide, which can cause serious illness or even death. The chimney also serves to prevent excess heat from gathering inside your home, and a crack in your chimney could allow enough heat into the walls of your home to even start a fire.

CreosoteChimney Repairs in Austin

One of the more common concerns with chimneys is the buildup of creosote. Creosote is an oil which is released when woods are burned. Creosote can accumulate on the sides of your chimney, and can be ignited with sufficient heat. A chimney fire can be very dangerous, which is why we recommend regular chimney sweeps and inspections to ensure a clean, intact chimney.

Not only can creosote build up inside your chimney, debris can enter and clog the flue as well. This can lead to a buildup of smoke and gasses inside the house or even a chimney fire as well. Small birds or animals may nest inside your chimney, so it’s important to check for blockages after extended periods without use.

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