Skylight Installation & Repair

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Skylights may appear like simple windows that have been tilted up and placed on the ceiling, but they involve careful planning and installation. Adding a dramatic effect while allowing natural sunlight into a room can help boost your mood and energy levels. Natural sunlight has a number of advantages, including essential boosts of vitamin D. A skylight can also help increase the warmth in your home (assuming it’s been properly installed and sufficiently insulated) which will lower heating costs in the wintertime.

Skylights come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, and it’s important to install them correctly to protect a room from leaks, which are all too common with self-installed skylights. Skylights are generally made from glass or plastic, and which material you choose can depend on the climate where you live, as well as where you want the skylight placed on your roof and the upfront cost for materials and installation.


Plastic skylights are typically less expensive than glass, and are relatively durable in comparison. Being more susceptible to wear, however, plastic will eventually scratch, warp, or discolor and need replacing. If the plastic isn’t specially tinted, potentially dangerous UV rays from the sun will be let through. Ultraviolet rays can harm skin and will fade and damage furniture, paintings, or other materials in your home.

Skylight Installation & Repair in Austin

Glass skylights are more expensive upfront, but offer increased durability compared to plastic. Glass won’t fade or discolor like plastic, but must be made from tempered or laminated glass to remain effective and to break safely in the event of adverse storm conditions. Tempered glass has been heated and cooled rapidly to force a tighter molecular bond, making the material harder than normal. Laminated glass involves placing two sheets of glass between a layer of plastic. Either material will break into small, pebble-like pieces as opposed to sharp-edged shards.

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