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Roof Ventilation in Austin

One of the most important aspects of your roof’s design is its ventilation system. Seemingly unimportant, overlooking ventilation in your attic and on your roof can have dire consequences. Proper ventilation allows the exchange of air inside your attic with fresh air from outside. This has positive effects on temperature and moisture regulation. Inadequate ventilation, on the other hand, can lead to poor temperature regulation and a buildup of moisture, both of which can put added strain on your wallet.

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Roof Ventilation in AustinWhen moisture accumulates, mold spores can begin to colonize. Mold can cause damage to the wooden supports holding your roof in place, and can cause health issues, such as respiratory ailments, for your family. If heat is allowed to build up in your attic, it can increase the temperature in your home, putting additional strain on your air conditioning system. Without sufficient ventilation, moisture will accumulate in your attic as it rises with hot air from cooking, bathing, laundry, and other activities.

How it works

This hot air can cause an uneven snow melt on your roof, which could ultimately lead to an ice dam. If your exhaust system is poorly installed, one exhaust may short out another, acting instead as an intake and allowing hot air to return to your attic space. The resulting pockets of poorly ventilated air can create uneven temperatures, leading to ice dams. Ensuring one type of exhaust vents are installed, and that you have a proper balance between intake and exhaust, will help keep your roof in top shape all year long.

Roof Ventilation in Austin

Attic bypasses can contribute to ice dams more often than poorly installed or maintained roofs. An attic bypass is any space where air from the living space that has been conditioned can enter the attic. The condensation and uneven temperatures contribute greatly to condensation and ice dams, and it’s important to ensure all bypasses have been adequately sealed to ensure your roof is well maintained.

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